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Lubrication Systems

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Central Lubrication Systems

Even though lubrication systems and solutions are progressing very well, their breakdowns are causing serious costs. Lubricant is useless if we aren’t sure that it’s present in the needed spot to erase the friction. If the central lubrication system was designed by realiable company, it will make you avoid the problems.

WOERNER Central Lubrication Systems

We are authorised distributor of Woerner company for Poland, Ukraine and Russia. We offer full set of Woerner products, including:

Our qualified Crew will help You with choosing appropriate solution in new and existing lubrication systems. Contact Us!


Central lubrication types

Oil Dispensing

Oil Lubrication with return system (closed circulation).


Characterised by a single main line, which supplies other dosing elements with lubrication. Possible lubricants: Oil and Grease.


Characterised by two main lines supplying with lubrication. It uses first dosing line and could automatically switch to the second line. Dosing elements are connected to main two dosing lines. Possible lubricants: Oil and Grease.


A few lubricating dosing points connected with spots where lubrication is needed, Driven by the main pump. Possible lubricants: Oil and Grease.


Main pump is driving the lubricant to progressive distributors. This solution allows You to make well developed lubrication system tree. Possible lubricants: Oil and Grease.

Oil-Aerial Lubrication

Both oil and air are driven to lubrication spots. Air makes lubricant transfer to be easier.

Spray Lubrication

Lubricant is driven through dosing/metering system to the spraying nozzles. In spraying nozzles comes the mixing of lubricant and air, and spraying it to the lubrication spots. Possible lubricants: Oil and Grease.

Lubrication controlling

Monitoring the lubrication system with help of sensors and control systems.