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A.A.L.S. S.A.

Lubrication Systems

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Greases and oils

Our offer consists of many kinds of grease and oil used in lubrication systems.

We also offer brand AALS greases::

We also offer brand Nano-High Technology greases with nanoadditives.


Grease AALS LEP is manufactured in 2 categories::


AALS LEP grease types are designed to lubricate ball or roller bearings, that are working with significant workload. C/P < 7 for bearings under radiant load, and C/P < 16 for bearings under axle load.

Operating Temperature range of AALS LEP is between -20 to 120 Celsius degrees. The temperature range could be wider, depending of bearing type and lubrication periods.

AALS LEP 1 is designed to lubricate bearings in machines that are equipped with central lubrication systems, that are working in moderate temperature, and that demand lubrication flow for longer distances.

AALS LEP 2 is designed to lubricate bearings that are working in high temperature, and demand lubrication flow for shorter distances.


AALS LEP Greases are made of mineral oil condensed with lithium soaps.

They also contains some additions improving lubrication, defending against corrosion and oxidation.


Permeation in 25 Celsius Degrees [10-1 mm] 305-345 260-300
Dropping point not lower than [oC] 175 180
Results of putting grease on copper tile in 100 Celsius degrees for 24 hours. (Corrosion aspects). The colour has insignificantly changed.
Oil ooze rate. Checked in 100oC temperature after 24 hours. [no more than] 14 8
Water content [%]. No more than. 0,1 0,1
Scratching elements found None
Grease Colour Red


AALS LEP Greases should be stored in dry space, kept away from sunbeams. Grease can be stored for up to 2 years.